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Latest from the Blog

Aug 15, 2022
How To Be A Better Pet Owner 

We’re all guilty of it, when we bring pets into our lives, we pull out all the stops. We research everything because we want to give them the best life possible and whilst our bank account may be empty, our hearts are full. But, in this process, we often forget to care for ourselves. This is especially true if we are supporting a poorly pet. The issue here is that we can’t pour from an empty cup. The reality is that if we want to care for our pets in the best way possible, we must also care for ourselves. We wanted to share our three non-negotiables when it comes to supporting pet owner health.

Aug 8, 2022
How to Enrich Your Cat’s Life 

Our feline friends can often be left out when we talk about enrichment for pets - we notice plenty of top tips for our dogs, but sometimes end up a little lost when it comes to our cats. So, how can we enrich our cat’s life?

Aug 8, 2022
5 Brain Games for the Nosey Dog

We’ve all been there; we’re out on a walk and trying to encourage the nose-driven pooch from the scent trail they’ve found. Whilst allowing dogs to sniff is super important for their health, if we’ve already been out 20 minutes longer than planned and cutting it very close to being late for work, we can often wonder if we can use this skill in other ways. Well you can. If you’re stuck in on a rainy or hot day, or simply want to enrich your dog’s life, you can use their incredible nose for some very specific brain games!

Alison Daniel

Nutrition (Applied Science) Ad Dip, BSC Hons, Animal nutrition PD Cert

Alison has been a canine and feline nutritionist for over 12 years helping clients and their pets all over the globe. Alison trained in Sydney, Australia with some of the very best and started off in human applied science, training in functional medicine and developing food supplements for the health sector upon complication of her degree in 2007.



“Alison is a knowledgeable innovator in the world of nutrition. I have worked with her for years and her enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge and professionalism is a joy.”

- Dr. Nick Thompson BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS

“In the work that I do as a trainer and behaviourist, nutrition is key to me and I work with Alison a great deal.

I love her approach as its honest, approachable and realistic. As a canine nutritionist she is ace, as a person she is fab too. That is a hard thing to find.”

- Louise Glazebrook, The Darling Dog Company

“When I first made contact with Alison, my Yorkshire Terrier, Darcey, had been diagnosed with three serious, complex, long-term health conditions.

By working with Alison to work through some tailored recipes and ideas, she came up with a plan and from that point on we haven't looked back! Darcey’s weight is now the best it has ever been in her six years of life!”

- Jo Maclennan, Edinburgh

“I had been to see 3 professional vets/consultants before seeing Alison for my Miss Chloe. She had several issues including high cholesterol, low functioning thyroid, joint issues and a lack lustre.

I am still working with Alison but I am pleased to say her thyroid function seems back to normal range, limping has gone away and she’s running around like a puppy again. Alison saved my dogs life.”

- Rosellina, Sicily

“Our dog Mabel had badly cut her paw which had then got infected. Visits to the vets seemed futile as the wound got worse. Alison put together a plan for me and offered immediate things for us to do that we could easily follow.

Within just one week following her advice the wound had healed over and she was back to eating her new food. I can’t thank Alison enough, she is a miracle worker. One happy dog (and owner).”

- Sarah and Mabel, London

"Alison gave me amazing advice when my 3 month puppy was diagnosed with suspected megaesophagus whilst vomiting several times a day.

Alison was really knowledgable about the condition medically and what steps the vet would most likely take. Alison devised a natural diet and supplement plan to support my puppy’s digestive system and a plan of action to help her gain weight.

I’m pleased to say my puppy’s health is improving every day.”

- Keri and Kali, London

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