Very Venison: For Dogs

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Venison is a wildly nutritious, grass-fed animal, full of amino acids, B vitamins, zinc and rich in conjugated linoleic acid, thought to support a healthy heart, brain and nervous system function. This lovely recipe includes beef liver, vegetables and superfoods and is balanced and complete with 10 easy to buy wholefood ingredients. If you require a low-fat diet for a sensitive tummy, pancreatitis or weight loss, this recipe is around 3% fat. It is generally a very good replacement for those who react to chicken and beef. This recipe is balanced to Fediaf and for adults only.

Venison (Ground/Minced), Beef liver (Grass-fed), Eggs (2x Large eggs w/o shell, Raw), Spinach (Raw), Sweet Red Peppers (Raw), Shiitake Mushrooms (Dried), Bonemeal (Now Brand), Himalayan Crystal Salt, Cytoplan Wholefood Multi/Dr Dobias Soulfood, Organic Kelp Powder (Now Brand).