The Christmas Turkey: For Cats

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Tis the season for giving and as such, The Street Cat Named Bob and My Pet Nutritionist have created this FREE recipe for cats over the holiday season. Turkey is truly terrific and wildly nutritious meat, full of the amino acid, tryptophan, that helps to calm and relax. It’s also bursting with B3, B6, B12 and zinc. This tasty recipe is balanced and complete with 12 easy to buy wholefood ingredients. If you require a low-fat diet for a sensitive tummy or weight loss, this is under 10% fat. It is generally a very good replacement for those who react to chicken and beef. This recipe is balanced to Fediaf and for adults only.

Turkey: Light & dark meat (Raw or lightly cooked), Sardines: Wild or canned in spring water (Raw or lightly cooked), Beef Liver (Raw or lightly cooked), Turkey Giblets (Raw or lightly cooked), Whole Egg (Raw, with shell) 56g = 1 medium egg, Cranberries (Raw), Pumpkin Seeds (Powdered), Wheat Grass Powder (Organic if possible), Himalayan Crystal Salt, Organic Kelp Powder (Now Brand)