Chicken & Salmon Delight: For Dogs

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Chicken is wonderfully lean meat, chock full of calcium and phosphorus. One must be careful as chicken is the most common meat allergen in pet food, however, you may well find that raw or lightly cooked chicken with salmon, does not affect your dog in the same way. It contains a plethora of vegetables, superfoods and superfood salmon to balance out the Omega 6:3 ratios. This fabulous recipe is balanced and complete with 11 easy to buy wholefood ingredients. If you require a low-fat diet for a sensitive tummy or weight loss, this is under 10% fat. This recipe is balanced to Fediaf and for adults only.

Chicken Chunks (Breast), Atlantic Salmon (Raw), Broccoli (Raw), Turkey Heart (Raw), Fennel Bulb (Raw), Oysters (Fresh or Canned), Basil (Dried), Bonemeal (Now Brand), Himalayan Crystal Salt, Cytoplan Wholefood Multi/Dr Dobias Soulfood, Organic Kelp Powder (Now Brand).