Best Beef: For Dogs

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Grass-fed Beef is super nutritious meat jam-packed full of B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, zinc and omega fats. This recipe also contains beef liver, vegetables and an array of superfoods. This fabulous recipe is balanced and complete with 12 easy to buy wholefood ingredients. It is generally a very good replacement for those who react to chicken and lamb. This recipe is balanced to Fediaf and for adults only.

Beef chunks, Beef Liver (Raw), Red pepper (Raw), Kale (Raw), Sweet Potato (Raw), Hempseed Oil (Organic), Bonemeal (Now Brand), Pumpkin Seeds (Dried), Spinach (Raw), Himalayan Crystal Salt, Cytoplan Wholefood Multi/Dr Dobias Soulfood, Organic Kelp Powder (Now Brand).