Top tips for Anxiety in cats and dogs

October 31, 2019

Remember, remember the 5th of November!

Anxiety around Guy Fawkes, Diwali, Halloween, separation and sometimes just life in general is a real problem for so many pet parents. There’s a lot you can achieve with food, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations so read on if this is a problem for your household.

I work with many behaviourists as an all-round approach for mental well-being and behaviour. Behaviour and anxiety can be nutritionally, emotionally and genetically motivated. Food and supplements can help address long term anxiety but sometimes it is required alongside a great training regime so please do bear in mind you might want to look at a behaviourist or trainer as part of your holistic approach.

Food always influences health and behaviour. Our bodies, including our pets are unique and wonderfully tuned to fulfil 1000’s of biochemical pathways a day. It’s surprising that more things do not go array. Our pet’s bodies are spectacular creations but poor nutrition can lead to many health problems, not just anxiety.

Poor nutrition or even inappropriate nutrition can cause terrible behavioural issues. It’s multifactorial of course but inappropriate food does not provide good nutrition for the production of hormones in calming the neurological system. Food, stress and other environmental factors can disrupt hormones and also kill good bacteria in the gut. Good bacteria in the gut is responsible for serotonin production and uptake amongst many other important functions. Serotonin is our feel good hormone and GABA another feel good hormone, helps your pet feel well balanced and is responsible for relaxation. Both hormones can be affected by certain foods. The fresher the food the better the gut bacteria (microbiota) and the less inflammation in the body. A more personalised diet regime can be required when there are other issues surrounding anxiety such as skin issues or bowel disease.

I recommend 2 brilliant pet food companies.

Different Dog is home cooked, well balanced and very fresh with a plethora of good vegetables and delivered straight to your door.

Luna and Me raw food company with exceptional provenance of all ingredients but also a nicely balanced menu.


Additional supplements can help in times of need and help neurological function in the body on a day to day basis. I find sometimes it’s a trait/genetic predisposition of a breed or previous negative experiences for your cat or dog that can lead to permanent issues. In this case you might want to look for additional support in supplementation form whether herbal or nutraceutical. It’s always best to refer to the companies I have mentioned and they can tell you more about efficacy and safety due to me not knowing anything about your pet personally. I particularly like the following companies.

Proflax Calm and Collected as an additional herbal food blend to your dog’s food.

Dorwest Skullcap and Valerian tablets for cats and dogs wonderful in times of need.

Woof and brew Anxious Hound a teabags that help anxious doggies in a very gentle manner.

Dr Mercola Zen Pet, a really effective nutraceutical and herbal blend for neurological function.Works beautifully for calming both cats and dogs.

Hedgerow Hounds Tranquil Herbal Blend, a lovely natural herbal blend for a gentle everyday addition to your dog's natural diet.

Lifestyle options

There are a few things you can do for your pet. During stressful periods such as fireworks you can create a nice den that is sectioned off so they can hide away (perhaps a crate covered in sheets or an actual wigwam effect). Close all curtains/shutters and doors, play some classical or soothing music and plug in pet remedy or burn some organic essential oils such as lavender and chamomile in a burner. Don’t allow cats outside after a certain hour and make sure your dogs are taken to the toilet just before you think the fireworks will be set off.

Pet remedy offer a variety of natural solutions for around the house, misters, plug ins and so forth. I get amazing feedback on these products.

Thunder shirt, a snug fitting coat (not suitable if it’s warm) that works on acupressure points for calming the neurological system. These can be very effective but don’t work on ALL dogs. The come in different sizes so select the best size for your dog.

Please note if you are concerned, your pet is on medication or there are other health concerns, please consult your holistic veterinarian.

For required a bespoke plan for your pet's specific needs, please check out my consultation process.

Thanks for reading and I hope this Halloween and Guy Fawkes is a spooky but chilled one!

Lots of love....

Ali x

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