Meet The Team

Alison Daniel

Nutrition (Applied Science) Ad Dip, BSC Hons, Animal nutrition PD Cert

Our Co-Founder Alison, has specialised in canine and feline nutrition for over 13 years, helping owners and their pets all over the world.

Alison trained in Sydney, Australia with some of the very best, starting off with a degree in human applied science, leading into naturopathic nutrition and then specialising in functional medicine with a focus on new product development in the health sector for practitioners, and experts in the field.

Alison’s passion for natural sciences soon spilt over into pets after training as a small animal companion nutritionist and completing her studies in Australia in 2008. Keeping a foot in both camps of human and pet nutrition, Alison has honed her skills within the health sector, using her extensive experience in nutrigenomics and epigenetics, applying this knowledge to disease in canines, and having great success.

It’s the combination of working with healing foods, naturopathic principles and scientific research that formulates a winning combination for Alison’s clinical practice.  

Bethany Calhoum

Zoology BSc Hons, Animal Management Ex. Dip - Science Writer and Researcher

Bethany (or Beth for short) is a self confessed nutrition nerd, writer and huge animal advocate.

Her journey started during her 8 years volunteering and working in a rescue centre, when she witnessed a dog having a seizure, following the administration of a chemical preventative treatment. This event sparked an interest to research into a natural path of health and well-being for animals and became as much an obsession as a passion.

During her time in education, Beth has gained a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management to a Distinction standard, followed by an online short course in Canine Nutrition, further followed by a Royal Society of Biology accredited degree in Zoology at Royal Holloway, University of London.

In her spare time, Beth enjoys researching deeper into various aspects of pet health and nutrition, and has a particular interest in behaviour and the microbiome. If she’s not writing for My Pet Nutritionist, Beth is running her own dog walking and pet sitting service or helping dog owners, on a voluntary basis, in a large online canine natural health and nutrition community.

Katie McCaul

VN Dip Naturopath BSc ANutR - Animal Nutritionist

Katie’s Career began as a veterinary nurse which gave her invaluable experience including running clinics, dealing with owners and their pets through difficult circumstances and managing a team of nurses. Katie very much enjoyed her role and gained a knowledge and understanding of animal’s health and well-being.  

After leaving practice she was lucky enough to complete a BSc in Animal Behaviour and Physiology. This taught her about the evolutionary path our domesticated pets had been on and how innate behaviour and physiology are the key to happiness and well-being. 

Katie’s recent role as research and development manager at a raw pet food company gave her an insight into the pet food industry. Leading her to achieve a Diploma in naturopathy with a specialism in nutrition. Sharing her experience and knowledge with the veterinary profession is a real passion and she delivers courses and lectures to the veterinary community. Passionate about supporting owners in their choice of feeding and aims to provide unbiased support covering raw and home cooked.

Karla Pearson

PD Cert Canine Nutrition - Canine Nutritionist Specialist

Karla is owned by Betty, an 8 year old French Bull Dog. Betty was Karla’s first dog as an adult and like most new puppy owners, fell madly in love with this little bundle of joy! She wanted to be the very best guardian possible and so followed all of the veterinary advice to the letter. She bought a very well-known, expensive breed specific kibble, made sure she never missed her spot on treatments and always gave her boosters. Betty was even neutered a ta mere six months old, and then all of a sudden, the problems started! Itchy skin, digestive issues, hives, musculoskeletal problems, behaviour issues and the list goes on! Utterly heartbroken, no matter what the vets did, nothing worked.  

It wasn’t until Karla attended a nutrition lecture about canine fresh food that the light build moment occurred and immediately fuelled a passion and life’s calling into canine nutrition and natural health. The more she studied and researched, the more she wanted to help owners avoid the same mistakes. She began to deliver seminars across the U.K. with a focus on fresh feeding, natural flea and worm prevention and understanding vaccination schedules and titer testing.  

Karla has helped 1000’s of dog’s transition from an ultra-processed diet to healthier, fresh feeding options. There is no better person to help you navigate the confusing world of pet nutrition. 

We get to the root cause of health concerns.

We offer in-depth and extensive consultation services for those pets that need support during illness, often when nothing else has worked.

Before you book your session, you fill out a 12-page questionnaire that covers, history, presenting symptoms/disease, current diet and an 8 systems body sequencing to establish possible deficiencies, other issues, under-functioning organs and other pathophysiology’s that may present as a problem.  

Post consultation, we devise an easy to follow, bespoke plan, based on your pet’s needs, your ideals, whether it be raw, cooked, home-prepared, alongside supplementation and comprehensive lifestyle suggestions. Offering holism at its best.

We offer the best and most up to date innovation in pet health.

We can help solve any problem, big or small. Our main areas of specialism lie within itchy dogs, cancer support, IBS/IBD (Inflammatory issues and disease of the bowel), pancreatitis, kidney and liver disease, urinary issues, anxiety, arthritis and endocrine issues such as hypothyroidism.

We use our years of experience and extensive research in disease and genetic polymorphisms to best tailor a successful nutritional plan for your cat or dog.


“Alison is a knowledgeable innovator in the world of nutrition. I have worked with her for years and her enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge and professionalism is a joy.”

- Dr. Nick Thompson BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS

“In the work that I do as a trainer and behaviourist, nutrition is key to me and I work with Alison a great deal.

I love her approach as its honest, approachable and realistic. As a canine nutritionist she is ace, as a person she is fab too. That is a hard thing to find.”

- Louise Glazebrook, The Darling Dog Company

“When I first made contact with Alison, my Yorkshire Terrier, Darcey, had been diagnosed with three serious, complex, long-term health conditions.

By working with Alison to work through some tailored recipes and ideas, she came up with a plan and from that point on we haven't looked back! Darcey’s weight is now the best it has ever been in her six years of life!”

- Jo Maclennan, Edinburgh

“I had been to see 3 professional vets/consultants before seeing Alison for my Miss Chloe. She had several issues including high cholesterol, low functioning thyroid, joint issues and a lack lustre.

I am still working with Alison but I am pleased to say her thyroid function seems back to normal range, limping has gone away and she’s running around like a puppy again. Alison saved my dogs life.”

- Rosellina, Sicily

“Our dog Mabel had badly cut her paw which had then got infected. Visits to the vets seemed futile as the wound got worse. Alison put together a plan for me and offered immediate things for us to do that we could easily follow.

Within just one week following her advice the wound had healed over and she was back to eating her new food. I can’t thank Alison enough, she is a miracle worker. One happy dog (and owner).”

- Sarah and Mabel, London

"Alison gave me amazing advice when my 3 month puppy was diagnosed with suspected megaesophagus whilst vomiting several times a day.

Alison was really knowledgable about the condition medically and what steps the vet would most likely take. Alison devised a natural diet and supplement plan to support my puppy’s digestive system and a plan of action to help her gain weight.

I’m pleased to say my puppy’s health is improving every day.”

- Keri and Kali, London

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