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We don’t believe we are yet to meet a dog that doesn’t experience anxiety over something. Some obviously way more than others and on occasion, so awful it tends to ruin the dog’s life.

We often incorporate a naturopathic wellness package that encompasses lifestyle changes and additions to ones home and routine as well as nutrition. Poor and inappropriate foods can lead to terrible behavioural and anxiety problems so we always use nutrition to underpin the problem.

There are many fabulous techniques with regards to behaviour and desensitisation but good, fresh nutrition and anti-anxiety supplements can work wonders.


Arthritis and cancer are the main reasons for clients wanting to consult with me. Arthritis can be due to genetics, poor breeding (although arguably this could be down to genetics also), being overweight, small breeds with short legs and long backs, large breeds, old age and of course general wear and tear with extremely active dogs.

A good raw/ketogenic diet, herbs and nutraceuticals can significantly reduce inflammation and further degradation. Stiffness and pain can be managed with the right diet and other protocols.


One in two pets get cancer at some point in their life. This signifies the inappropriate breeding and poor diets many dogs can be faced with today.

Many years ago we didn’t have processed diets, over vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and any other toxic chemicals you can think to add to the diet. Sustaining a good immune system and seeing a great quality of life is the focus here.

We work closely with a ketogenic diet that has shown wonderful results in maintaining health and we also use immune supportive supplements including a clean, chemical free regime to reduce metabolic and toxic overload.


This is a very general heading with many issues under the umbrella. Digestive problems could simply be diarrhoea or constipation, anal gland issues or digestive disease (IBD’s).

Over 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so understanding digestive issues and what is going on is important in managing symptoms. An appropriate fresh natural diet and supplements such as probiotics are imperative in good gut function and immunity.

We use a wide range of protocols to understand what is going on such as elimination diets, testing, immune support, gut healing and replenishment. Reasons can be simple or complicated but often greatly influenced by diet, supplements and lifestyle factors.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are one of the most common complaints seen in vets today. Whilst it’s important to treat infections appropriately there are reasons why and measures to be taken when ear infections are reoccurring.

This can even sometimes be caused by certain foods and lifestyle choices. Diet, supplements, natural ear treatments and other alternatives can be very helpful in maintaining this annoyance for your pet. Understanding what is causing the infections such as allergens is essential in dealing with this problem.


Some dogs are predisposed to certain disease and autoimmune disease and it all depends on the diet and environment as to whether those genes are expressed (switched on and off).

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can be caused by nutritional deficiencies even when autoimmune hypo/hyperthyroidism has been diagnosed. We always test for nutritional deficiencies before anything else.

Raw and natural diets are always helpful although certain foods can block healthy thyroid function. Aiding digestion and immunity are just as important as supporting the thyroid.

My Pet Nutritionist have had a lot of success in working with this condition and have many options that often support this often complex issue.

Itching & Allergies

Never underestimate the misery your pet is in from the constant itching they experience. If the itching isn’t much of a concern and a dry skin and coat is the only problem then it can often be remedied by supplementing omegas in to the diet.

However there can be obsessive scratching, rubbing, or licking, the feet and back legs and there are often three main reasons. Parasites, including fleas, mites and mange are the first possible cause your veterinarian will seek to exclude.

Atopy or contact dermatitis can be a contact allergy from soaps and detergents or allergic itching from insect bites, food allergies/sensitivities and environmental allergies such as to pollens, molds, or dust. We always start from ground zero helping to find the culprit working with a natural diet, elimination diets, supplements and many lifestyle changes to help achieve an itch free pet.

Always seek medical attention to rule out any underlying disease causing the itching.

Kidney Disease

Although two very different diseases we often use the same types of natural diet and supplement protocols, depending on the individual pet, to help support these difficult diseases.

We’ve discovered some tremendously helpful protocols. Despite research and veterinarians pointing to low protein diets in both diseases we have found it’s the quality and easy assimilation of good and easily digestible protein over low amounts and poor quality protein.

A dry food in both instances adds more stress to the kidneys and liver and is contraindicated. We can support your pet with a specified and researched natural and fresh diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes that are imperative to such a disease.

What are you feeding your pet?

Watch the video below to see 7 of our leading holistic vets explaining why natural, raw feeding is best for our pets.

59% of dogs & 52% of cats worldwide are overweight.

Estimates suggest that as many at 59% of dogs and 52% of cats worldwide are overweight. Research implicates this isn’t simply from overconsumption but inappropriate foods.

62% of owners admit to not knowing what's in their pets food.

The poll of UK dog and cat owners by specialist food manufacturer, True Instinct, has found the nation’s knowledge of pet food ingredients is extremely low, with over 62 per cent admitting to not knowing what they’re really feeding their pet.


“Alison is a knowledgeable innovator in the world of nutrition. I have worked with her for years and her enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge and professionalism is a joy.”

- Dr. Nick Thompson BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS

“In the work that I do as a trainer and behaviourist, nutrition is key to me and I work with Alison a great deal.

I love her approach as its honest, approachable and realistic. As a canine nutritionist she is ace, as a person she is fab too. That is a hard thing to find.”

- Louise Glazebrook, The Darling Dog Company

“When I first made contact with Alison, my Yorkshire Terrier, Darcey, had been diagnosed with three serious, complex, long-term health conditions.

By working with Alison to work through some tailored recipes and ideas, she came up with a plan and from that point on we haven't looked back! Darcey’s weight is now the best it has ever been in her six years of life!”

- Jo Maclennan, Edinburgh

“I had been to see 3 professional vets/consultants before seeing Alison for my Miss Chloe. She had several issues including high cholesterol, low functioning thyroid, joint issues and a lack lustre.

I am still working with Alison but I am pleased to say her thyroid function seems back to normal range, limping has gone away and she’s running around like a puppy again. Alison saved my dogs life.”

- Rosellina, Sicily

“Our dog Mabel had badly cut her paw which had then got infected. Visits to the vets seemed futile as the wound got worse. Alison put together a plan for me and offered immediate things for us to do that we could easily follow.

Within just one week following her advice the wound had healed over and she was back to eating her new food. I can’t thank Alison enough, she is a miracle worker. One happy dog (and owner).”

- Sarah and Mabel, London

"Alison gave me amazing advice when my 3 month puppy was diagnosed with suspected megaesophagus whilst vomiting several times a day.

Alison was really knowledgable about the condition medically and what steps the vet would most likely take. Alison devised a natural diet and supplement plan to support my puppy’s digestive system and a plan of action to help her gain weight.

I’m pleased to say my puppy’s health is improving every day.”

- Keri and Kali, London

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